Oscillation Mascara by Lancôme

A vibrating Mascara

7.000 micro-oscillations per secondOscillation Mascara Lancome

The mascara seems to be in the middle of the cosmetic revolutions.

Essential accessory of the basic make-up, this one draws all the attentions in what concerns the innovation.

Indeed, after the Givenchy Round Mascara (Phenomenon Eyes), it’s the turn of Lancôme to create original mascara.

This one, named Ôscillation vibrates by producing 7.000 micro-oscillations per second and helps to reproduce the movements made by professional make-up artists when they apply mascara on the models.

You will just have to pass the brush from lashes’ root unto their point while pressuring the applicator to have a pro make-up.
The whole invention works thanks to a mini engine of 3cm activated by a pile battery that can be recycled.




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