Secrets for a perfect suntan

Advises to suntan without damaging your skin

For those who are lucky and live near to the beach, and for all the ones who are going to the beach this summer, a dilemma is always present: how to suntan without putting in danger the health of our skin ? Some advises for this to work.

Perfect Suntan Perfect Suntan

Prepare your skin

Preparing your skin before exposing it to sun enables it to suntan naturally and faster.
1- Exfoliation

Exfoliation consists in thinning out the epidermis by removing all small dead skins that are caused by cellular renewal. It should be carried out every month.
2- Hydration

Hydration enables skin to regenerate and is not reserved only for dry and irritable skins: it favors the softness of all skin types.
3- Feeding

A feeding with carotene and E vitamin is good to reinforce the natural protection of epidermis. Solar pills exist to, in order to avoid allergic reactions caused by the exposition to the sun.

Perfect Suntan Perfect SuntanPerfect Suntan

Rules to protect your skin against sun

  • Sun protection cream is mandatory for any skin type, and even if weather is cloudy. It as to be applied every 2 hours and after every bath.
  • Expose yourself progressively to sun.
  • Chose a high sun protection factor, since more it’s elevated, more the cream will protect you against the bad sun rays, UVAs.
  • Don’t suntan between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.
  • Drink 2L of water per day, since hydration enables to create more successful suntans.
  • Do not use medicine that could provoke any allergies to sun.
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