The Anti-dark Circles Tricks

Some tips to look good

Whether they are caused by a lack of sleep or are permanent, either with bags or colored appearance, dark circles are not pretty and have an effect opposite to a good looking. To gradually erase them or decrease their intensity, there are some tricks and some tips to carry on.

Tea bags

It is an ancient method. Natural, is very effective and a lot of care anti-dark circles use the tea as an agent that helps reduce congestion.Dark Circles Eyes 04

The antioxidants in tea leaves have the effect of improving blood circulation and reduce swelling of the eye circles.

The Cucumber slices

Like tea bags, cucumber actives blood circulation due to its high content of vitamin K and oxidants.

Use: Cut two wheels previously given a cucumber in the fridge for ten minutes. Place on your eyes for several minutes. Do this as many times as desired.


The eye massage help relax a tired look by reactivating the bloodstream and lymphatic circulation.

Use: Three times in a row, smoothes contour of your eyes from the nose to the temples and along the eyebrows with your fingers every day.

 Dark Circles Eyes 03Dark Circles Eyes 02Dark Circles Eyes 01

Ice cubes

Perfect for a quick beautiful face… ice cold activates the blood circulation of the eye contour and dark circles as it acts as a decongestant. The effect is instant but does not last long.

Use: Apply ice cubes wrapped in a mitt on dark circles.

Cornflower Water

The cornflower water has a slight action against colored dark circles. It contains two substances, pectin and polina, which have anti inflammatory, astringent and decongestant effects.


This is the most effective solution for colored dark circles.

Use: A cream based on a special acid is applied by a doctor and removed with mild soap after 4 to 12 hours. Then it is necessary to apply a cream several times a day.

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