The fringe

Which one for me ?

When one wants to change her appearance, but wants to keep her length of hair and fear damaging them with dyeing, one can think about the fringe option.

It is what wishes to do many women, but it is difficult to know if the fringe will look good or not.

There are many fringes variations and it is necessary to know how to adapt them to the types of hair, according if they are straight, wavy, or curled, and to the shape of the face. It is often dis-advised to impose a fringe to curled hair, because they go up on the face. However, it is possible, on the condition that one can devote time to it every morning…

As for the types of fringe adapted to the face, there exist some standards and advices even if each case is particular.

For the long faces one needs a fringe on the side, pointed and heavy, that will make it possible to surround the face.

For the square faces (broad face and jaw), it is necessary to choose a rather long and light fringe to lengthen the face.

The round faces (small front head, full cheeks) will choose a short and degraded fringe with round on the sides forms in order to refine the face.

Finally, if you have an oval face you have much chance since all the fringes will suit you !



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