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The papayaDescription, nutritional benefits and cosmetic virtues of the papaya

Papaya has been grown in tropical regions of the world and originally it may have come from southern Mexico and Central America.

The papaya is a pear-shaped fruit with a bright golden-yellow skin.

The papaya is the third most eaten tropical fruit, and more than half of the production comes for South America and Caribbean.

Very light, the papaya fruit contains as much calories as the raspberry. That’s a good reason to eat without any fear its juicy and silky smooth, with a sweet-tart flavor flesh comparable to the melon one.

The very juicy flesh is deep yellow or orange to salmon-colored.

The large center cavity is filled with shiny, gray seeds. Though the peppery seeds are edible, they’re generally discarded.

The papaya is an excellent source of vitamin C.

Besides its antioxidant properties, this vitamin helps to keep in good health bones, teeth and gums. It protects against infection, helps to absorb iron and accelerate cicatrisation.

The papaya contains many minerals and oligo-minerals, like potassium, calcium and magnesium.

These nutriments have beneficial effects for the cardio-vascular and bones system.

The B9 vitamin is present too, it helps the cells fabrication, like the red blood cells, and have an essential role in the nervous and immune system functioning, as well as wound healing.

The papaya juiceThe papaya is a vitamin A source, only for the woman, the men needs are superior. The A vitamin helps the teeth and bones growing, keeps the skin in good health and protects against infections.

Besides it favors good vision, above all in obscurity.
With 2,7g of fibers for a 153g portion, the papaya is considered as a fiber source.
The papaya fruit is very rich in papain, and the greener the fruit the more active is the papain .

The unripe fruit contains a milky juice in which is present a protein-digesting enzyme known as papain, which greatly resembles the animal enzyme pepsin in its digestive action.

This juice is used in the preparation of various remedies for indigestion and is a meat tenderizer.
For a care against black spots, crush a papaya fruit and apply pulp on your face.


Papaya Juice

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