Chamber of Accounts will request the application of sanctions to those who fail to file sworn statements of net worth

The full members of the Chamber of Accounts of the Dominican Republic (CCRD) reported that as of April 27 there are 4,453 officials who have failed to file their sworn statements, distributed in two groups: the first, 3,919, elected officials, including presidential, congressional and municipal officials, and the second group, 534, which includes those designated by appointments or decrees. They emphasized that these include those omitted from previous and current periods.

Article 4 of Law 311-14 on Sworn Statement of Assets establishes that the Chamber of Accounts of the Dominican Republic shall be the body responsible for the control, supervision and application of the aforementioned law.

Pursuant to Article 5 of Law 311-14, it is established that “the public officials obliged to declare must present, within thirty (30) days after taking office, the sworn statement of the assets that constitute their patrimony and that of the marital community”.

Likewise, in its article 6 it indicates the obligation to make the declaration of termination; within the maximum term of thirty days after leaving office, the public officials obliged to file a final affidavit, indicating their patrimony and that of the conjugal community.

They emphasize that they are carrying out the necessary actions for the application of the administrative sanctions contemplated in Article 14 of Law 311-14, which typifies non-compliance as a serious or third degree misdemeanor, in accordance with Law 41-08, on Public Function, as well as those established in Regulation 92-16, consisting of withholding of salaries through the National Treasury, the competent administrative bodies (hierarchical superior), dismissal and referral to the Public Ministry for the initiation of an investigation for presumption of illicit enrichment, in accordance with Article 19 of Law 311-14.

He urged all those who have failed to file their sworn declarations to do so as soon as possible, since this Chamber is working hard to achieve compliance with the obligations to file sworn declarations and will spare no effort or resources to do so.


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