Argentina and Dominican Republic strengthen commercial exchange

On a visit to that Caribbean nation, the Secretary of International Economic Relations of the Foreign Ministry, Jorge Neme, accompanied by the Ambassador, Nora Capello, held meetings with the Dominican Foreign Minister, Roberto Álvarez; the Minister of Agriculture, Limber Cruz and the Vice-Minister of Economic Affairs and International Cooperation, Hugo Rivera.

According to a note of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship, in the meetings Neme bet on strengthening the commercial exchange and highlighted that the Argentine exports to that market doubled in relation to the one registered before the crisis produced by the Covid-19.

National products such as automobiles, soybean oil, medicines, corn, wood, furniture, fish, wine, and machinery for the food industry, among others, are already firmly positioned in the Dominican market, the source said.

During the meetings, the Dominican Foreign Minister expressed his support for Argentina’s candidacy for the pro tempore presidency of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) in 2022.

On the other hand, both countries agreed to make progress in agricultural cooperation for the development of sowing systems, cattle and swine genetics, and wine production.

In this sense, the Argentinean official committed to coordinate with the authorities of the sanitary services to provide assistance and support to the Dominican sanitary authorities in the fight against African swine fever.

Meanwhile, the Caribbean country specified that it will analyze pending sanitary issues to achieve the opening of the local market to meat and dairy products from this southern nation.

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