Royal Caribbean seals alliance with Travelwise to conquer Dominican market

Alberto Muñoz, Associate Vice President for Latin America and the Caribbean of Royal Caribbean, informed that they have already planned departures starting next June through the Caribbean, the Greek Islands and the United Kingdom, at the same time he announced the alliance signed with Travelwise, with the objective of having a greater participation in the Dominican market.
He explained that this alliance seeks to better serve Dominican cruise passengers. “This strategic alliance is cause for great expectations for both brands, especially because we see the Dominican Republic as a great opportunity,” according to El Día.

“Among the expectations we have is to see, more and more, Dominicans on our ships to enjoy Royal Caribbean, have a good time with the family, get to know the world and especially the opportunity to get to know the ‘Perfect Day’ water park, ‘Cococay Bahamas’, which is reached there only with our cruises. We are always innovating and, with the representation of Travelwise, we seek to bring our products to all Dominicans,” he said.

Laura Asilis, president and founder of Travelwise, said that the reactivation of cruise tourism is going from strength to strength. “We invite those who are considering taking a cruise in the future to start planning.

She stated that there will be new itineraries. “We had always gone through the Bahamas, but now we are going out of the Bahamas, also Bermuda; in Europe we are going out of Cyprus and Israel. There will be a revolution, some of these products will be temporary and others will remain”.

He specified that the Dominican market has always been very important and for some years now, in the analysis of growth in Latin America, it has been clear to them that there is an opportunity for growth in the country.

Asilis also said that Dominicans and Royal Caribbean have very similar values, because they give importance to family vacations, together and separately.

“Dominicans know how to have a lot of fun and have a good time. And that is why, in this new alliance with Travelwise, we offer them more entertainment options,” he said.

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