Eric Adams opens the doors of the “Gracie Mansion”

Mayor Eric Adams received at his residence “Gracie Mansion” prominent figures of the Dominican community in New York City a few days before celebrating the Dominican Parade in Manhattan, which this year commemorates its 40th anniversary under the theme “Our History. Our People”.

The evening was marked by the rhythms, gastronomy and typical drinks of the Dominican Republic. A glimpse of what will be experienced next Sunday on Manhattan’s Sixth Avenue starting at 12 noon, in a parade in which the Creoles in New York celebrate their roots.

“Everyone knows I’m Eric Adams from Alabama, but I’m Dominican. This reception is a sample of all the fervor and joy that will happen next Sunday, August 13, 2023 at the Dominican Day Parade on Manhattan’s Sixth Avenue,” said the mayor when he addressed the guests.

The Democrat thanked Congressman Adriano Espaillat, of Dominican origin, for “all the work he has done in favor of his district and his communities”, while acknowledging that he was proud to have appointed Ana Almánzar, who became the first Dominican to be part of the New York City Council.

“I congratulate the Dominican community on their celebration of their heritage, the Dominicans for their contributions, their elected leaders, the Dominican staff in the administration and all other sectors. Mi casa es su casa,” Mayor Adams concluded.

The Dominican Day Parade is celebrated in August, usually on the second Sunday of the month, this year it will be held on the 13th. The parade will begin at Sixth Avenue (Avenue of the Americas) and 35th Street and will end at 56th Street.

Congressman Adriano Espaillat highlighted Adams’ contributions in favor of the Dominican community, as well as the progress and growth of Dominicans abroad.

“I want to thank Mayor Eric Adams, because he is a friend of the community who demonstrates it, not with his words, but with his deeds. Today he allocated $100 million for the remodeling of the historic Kingsbridge Armory and $10 million for a Dominican cultural project in upper Manhattan,” said the representative for New York’s 13th district.

“We see the progress of our community, hardworking, industrious and with a youth that is preparing itself. Young Dominicans are preparing themselves and are the middle class of this city and this city cannot progress if the Dominican community does not progress,” warned the New York congressman.

Espaillat also addressed the Dominicans, whom he thanked for “their commitment to this city and to this great nation and to their country, who during the time of the pandemic supported the Dominican economy with their remittances, while tourism remained closed. Dominicans are good and hardworking people. Long live the Dominican Republic”, he concluded.

The evening was attended by councilors Carmen de la Rosa, Shaum Abreu, Pierina Sánchez, Osward Félix and Christopher Marte; Assembly members Karines Reyes, Amanda Séptimo, Yudelka Tapia and Manny De los Santos and Senator Robert Jackson among others.

The music was provided by the legendary Los Toros Band, who delighted all present with their iconic music. During the event, several Dominicans were recognized for their careers in different areas. Los Toros Band was also recognized.

Gracie Mansion is the official residence of the Mayor of New York City. It is located in the Yorkville neighborhood in the borough of Manhattan.

This historic Federal-style country house dates back to the 18th century and is one of the oldest buildings in Manhattan. It was originally built in 1799 by Archibald Gracie, a Scottish-American real estate merchant, and sold to the City of New York in 1896. Since then it has served as the official residence of the city’s mayors and is used for a variety of official purposes, including events and receptions, business meetings and cultural events.

Dominican Day Parade

The Dominican Day Parade, Inc. is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that organizes the annual parade and festivities that promote the rich culture, folklore and folk traditions of the Dominican Republic.

The organization strives to provide an understanding of the heritage and contributions of the Dominican community in the United States of America and around the world.

This year’s parade will be attended by President Luis Abinader, the first Dominican president to attend the popular event in 40 years.


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