Water trekking: a different way to enjoy nature

An activity that has become popular in ecological tourism is hiking, currently a large number of travelers are looking to establish a connection with nature and it is an indispensable point when choosing the next travel destination. Hiking allows you to enjoy natural landscapes, breathe fresh air and it is also an activity that helps you to exercise, a plus point to avoid the extra kilos that usually leave the vacations. Did you know that there are different kinds of hiking? Yes, such as night hiking, which are night hikes, and there is also water hiking, which has gained momentum in countries such as Spain, Portugal and Brazil.

If you are interested in this topic, pay attention to Civitatis, the leading company in online distribution of guided tours, excursions and activities in Spanish in the main destinations of the world. It recommends four Latin American countries where you can practice river hiking, which consists of exploring rivers, streams or waterfalls, walking, swimming or floating. This is an activity that can be adapted to different levels of difficulty depending on the experience and physical condition of the participants.

“Although this type of excursions are already positioned in European countries, in destinations such as Brazil, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Colombia, it has begun to generate interest among local and foreign travelers. In the case of our country, Antioquia is one of the departments where this kind of tours can be found”, says María Carolina Padilla, country manager Civitatis Colombia.

Before starting with the destinations, it is important to clarify that although this activity maintains the main objective of traditional hiking, which is the connection with the natural environment. Water hiking has some necessary specifications to be able to practice it, such as: the use of appropriate shoes to avoid slips and falls, quick-drying clothes, and it is also ideal to do the tour lightly and with a waterproof backpack. Are you ready for a dip?

4 water hiking trails to do in Latin America


Our country has a great variety of rivers and water sources, ideal for water hiking. Almost three hours by land from Medellín, in the town of San Luis, you will find the Dormilón River, where this activity takes place.

During 3 hours you will hike 1.5 kilometers through crystalline waters. During the trip you will stop at the natural pools created in the river, a perfect excuse to swim and refresh yourself. Then the hike continues until you reach La Planta waterfall, undoubtedly the perfect spot to take the best photographic record of this experience.

Dominican Republic

This country is one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean for ecological tourism, considering that it has a great variety of ecosystems, from beautiful beaches and reefs, to forests and mountains with different rivers, suitable for water routes. Three and a half hours from Santo Domingo is Puerto Plata, a town from where different water hiking tours depart for Los Tinajones.

Once you have your equipment, which includes a life jacket and helmet, the hike begins through rocks that lead to impressive waterfalls. During the tour you will find water wells in the shape of a jar that characterizes this place, as well as caves with aquifers inside and natural slides created by erosion. You are ready for this experience full of nature and adrenaline!


Beautiful and beloved Mexico! A perfect destination for any kind of tourism and ecological tourism is no exception. Cuetzalán, a city surrounded by mountains in the state of Puebla, is located more than four hours by land from Mexico City. Hidden rivers in caves, stalactites, natural pools and even a waterfall are part of the water trekking route through Cuetzalan, which lasts approximately 5 hours.

The tour begins at the subway river La Garganta, located inside a cave. During the aquatic route you will also visit the Cántaro cavern, full of stalactites and stalagmites, then you will cross the Sagrado canyon towards the Encanto waterfall, which is 30 meters high. The tour ends with a visit to some amazing pools known as Pata de Perro (Dog’s Paw). These are five small shallow natural pools whose shape resembles the footprints of man’s best friend. Curious, isn’t it?


The Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park is located 3 hours by land from Brasília and is the setting for this incredible adventure. The first activity will take place on the São Bartolomé River, where the water trekking route begins along a 3-kilometer stretch. Along this route, waterfalls and canyons of the Chapada dos Veadeiros are crossed. This natural environment in the state of Goiás has become one of the great protected areas in the interior of Brazil.

After this water trekking route, you can take a tour with a tubing activity in the Almas River. In this river current it is possible to slide on inflatables for a stretch of 1.2 kilometers, this is undoubtedly a fun-filled activity.

“With this kind of excursions, in addition to having a space to connect with the environment, the conservation and care of natural resources is promoted. Hiking can contribute to the environmental education of tourists, in addition to introducing them to the local culture and contributing to the sustainable development of the rural communities of these destinations,” concludes Padilla, country manager of Civitatis.

Source: Technocio.com


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