Local talent united the Dominican Republic and Yopal with a musical spectacle

Within the framework of the diplomatic visit of the Yopaleña delegation to the Dominican Republic, led by Mayor Luis Eduardo Castro, 11 dancers from the capital city of Casanareño offered a show that generated great emotions during the second day of the institutional agenda in the Caribbean country.

The musical show developed in the Naco sports club of the capital Santo Domingo, was in charge of the Institute of Culture and Tourism of Yopal ICTY, and was led by its instructors Leda Fernandez and Carolina Narvaez, with the work called “A golpe”: a staging that made vibrate and that had as first act a representation of the time of the Conquest. The following acts offered a demonstration of the llanera dance in its traditional style, followed by a llanera dance in the show mode and closed with a flourish by delighting the audience with a Joropo-Merengue fusion.

This Monday’s ceremony, where hours before the Mayor Luis Eduardo Castro received a plaque of recognition for leading the tourist and cultural articulation between the city and the Central American country, was attended by several personalities among local government authorities, diplomatic corps and the Yopaleña delegation that was accompanied by businessmen from the livestock sector and tour operators.

The protocolary table was integrated by the Ambassador of the Dominican Republic in Colombia, honorable Julio Cordero, the Consul of the Embassy of the DR in Colombia, Juan Peña; the Mayor of Santo Domingo, Carolina Mejía; the president of the Dominican Federation of Municipalities and Mayor of the city of La Vega, Kelvin Cruz; the Ambassador of Colombia in the Dominican Republic, Daniel Cabrales Castillo; the Director of Migration of the DR, Enrique García; the Mayor of the City of Samaná, Nelson Antonio Núñez and the head of the government Luis Eduardo Castro, who after recovering from health problems and fulfilling this diplomatic commitment, could not hide his enthusiasm for the internationalization of culture and the young talent of Yopal.

“We are showing what we are; we dream that the whole world knows that in Yopal there is a great destination with enormous potential, because everyone who goes to Yopal leaves in love, then we will all speak well of Yopal, we will build city,” said the director of ICTY, Sofia Rodriguez.

“The Mayor cried, I cried too, they, the instructors, the kids cried; everyone stood up to applaud because we are really impressive, we have to believe us as a city, as a culture our llanera tradition is impressive. We are going to continue believing it and from the Institute we have all the commitment”, added the director.

Cultural exchange

The event ratified that culture has been a fundamental factor in the establishment of ties of friendship with the Dominican Republic, as it has facilitated dialogue and deep understanding between both parties.

The hosts also gave the public a show around a folkloric ballet and the perico ripiao rhythm, a type of merengue that gave an opportunity to learn about their musical instruments such as the güira, the tambora and the accordion.

“Thank you very much Mayor Luis Eduardo Castro for supporting us young people in this that we like, in this that we are passionate about, which is to represent what is our culture”: said Maria Fernanda Cardozo Perez, who was part of the Yopaleña delegation and the cultural exhibition.

“It is an honor to come to represent Yopal and Colombia with the llanera culture and to be able to exchange the culture of the Dominican Republic with that of Colombia in the Orinoquia region”: added her partner Ricardo Andrés Herrera Prieto.

In this way, the Municipal Administration “Yopal Safe City” advances in its goal of supporting local talent, promoting the llanera culture in the world and positioning itself as a tourist destination.

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