Ministry of Culture presents ‘Cultour’ catalog at Fitur

The Ministry of Culture presented this Friday at the International Tourism Fair (Fitur) a prototype catalog “Cultour”, an initiative aimed at highlighting cultural events and destinations in the DR.

The main objective of “Cultour” is to create a digital repository offering detailed information on lesser-known cultural destinations in the DR.

The presentation, which took place at the Casa de América in Madrid, was made by Minister Milagros Germán, who was accompanied by Henry Mercedes, director of Patronage; Juan Mubarak, director of Monumental Heritage, and Joan Ferrer, director of Book Fairs.

Henry Mercedes was in charge of presenting the country’s proposal in terms of cultural patronage.

Juan Mubarak presented the “Route of the Ingenious” and Joan Ferrer presented the proposal for literary fairs.

The “Cultour” platform, accessible through the portal, seeks to highlight the rich and diverse cultural heritage of the DR, which has been shaped by different currents throughout history, resulting in a fusion of indigenous, African and European elements.

During the presentation, Germán gave a speech in which she highlighted the importance of the platform and its contribution to the promotion of Dominican culture.

She emphasized that “Cultour” will not only benefit tourists, but also tour operators, offering them free resources to enrich their tourist packages.

Similarly, the head of the cultural portfolio expressed her enthusiasm for the launch of “Cultour” and noted that it is part of the digital transformation promoted by President Luis Abinader.

She also mentioned the diversity of the DR’s cultural heritage, reflected in music, dance, gastronomy, architecture, plastic arts and traditions.

The second phase of the project plans to expand the “Cultour” database to include a variety of destinations and cultural events, as well as to implement advanced search functions and filters to improve the user experience.

Minister German expressed her desire to have an interactive map available within 18 to 24 months, which will allow users to visually explore the cultural offerings available.

She also invited people to get to know cultural events such as the National Carnival Parade, the International Book Fair and expressions of intangible cultural heritage, such as the Congos of Villa Mella and the Cocolo Danzante Theater.



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