The Omni Loudspeakers

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At first sight, they don’t seem to be loudspeakers.
But the loudspeaker world succumbs more and more to design, and after the Waterfall loudspeakers and Moonlight speakers, here comes the Omni loudspeaker.

Created by NACSound, this speaker represents the culmination of acoustic experience blended with a wonderful design that is specifically shaped to enhance the sound quality.

Made from high grade ceramic, the shell is hand made to produce an exact shape. The long slender downward curve is a work of art to the connoisseur but to the acoustic engineer it is a fine example of Bessel’s Quadratic and works together with the acoustic properties of the ceramic shell to produce an exemplary sound performance.

In the center between the woofer and tweeter is a hand made wooden reflector which produces a powerful omni directional sound. This not only fills the entire room with a very natural sound it also reduces ceiling to floor resonance.

This speaker is designed to be suspended from the ceiling at head height. It is a statement of intent, a superb hand made work of art and a fantastic sounding speaker.
Whether finished in a neutral or metallic glaze or a striking zebra pattern this is an exclusive product that will furnish rather than disfigure a room as part of a HI FI or a Home Theater.

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