Baní, a destination full of charms

Baní, one of the most important cities in the province of Peravia, also known as the capital of the south, is located in the south of the country, a few kilometers from Santo Domingo.

This beautiful town has become a fashionable destination, and no wonder, because thanks to its many attractions, it is stealing the interest of thousands of tourists who visit the island.

This town also stands out for its gastronomic aspects, where the mango is the main protagonist and main reference for the tourist promotion of the destination. The best Dominican mango is grown here.

Its touristic offer is impressive and diversified, and there are places that show this. Below, we share with you a list of the must-see places that you should visit when visiting the town of Baní.

One of the projects that is taking over all eyes and that aims to strengthen the tourism offer not only of this town, but of the country is Puntarena, as it meets the conditions to be the ideal tourist site in the southern Dominican Republic.

Among the most interesting added values of the project is the Puntarena Club House, located just steps from the beach, the perfect blend of beauty and comfort. Among its amenities is its infinity pool, several environments for socializing and spectacular views, ideal for sharing with family or friends.

Also, this beautiful city invites you to visit and learn about its history through its various museums. Among them is the Museo Archivo Histórico de Baní César González Celado, where important documents about the history of Baní and the Dominican Republic are kept. There you can connect with the past of this beautiful town and get into the idiosyncrasy of its people.

The Dunes of Baní, is another must-see attraction when visiting this town. These immense mountains of sand have become an interesting tourist attraction, considered one of the most beautiful natural areas of the Dominican Republic. Its original name is Félix Servio Ducoudray Natural Scientific Reserve.

The tour of the Dunes is impressive and one of its greatest attractions, since they are located in front of a huge beach bathed by the waters of the Caribbean Sea, are its sunsets.

Its mountains are more than 35 meters high, without a doubt this Caribbean desert impresses anyone who ventures to visit it, its landscapes make it an authentic natural monument.

This part of the south also has beautiful and paradisiacal beaches, among them Salinas, of very salty water, of a beautiful grayish sand, known for its powerful waves, which are ideal for windsurfing.

Another very peculiar attraction of Baní is the San Martín de Porres Sanctuary, a place for pilgrimage, built in stones by the believers of the community of Las Tablas, following the guidelines of the Canadian priest Roberto Hymusskm.

This sanctuary is the place of joy for hundreds of people, not only for tourism, but also to venerate the saint and ask for miracles. It is a charming place that reflects the love with which it was built.

Inside the chapel, there is the figure of San Martin de Porres, among small stones, next to the Virgin of Fatima and the Virgin of Altagracia.

In this part of the south there are also beautiful and paradisiacal beaches, one of them is Salinas beach, a beautiful coastline of grayish sand where you can swim in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. It is an exceptionally large and deserted beach, an ideal place for surfing.

Indeed, Bani is one of the most preserved towns in the Dominican Republic, both for its uniqueness and its beauty. It is certainly a place full of charms like few others in the country, which you should not miss.

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