Pedernales, a paradise located in the southeastern part of the country

In the southeast of the country is a destination with a high tourist potential, mostly concentrated on its coasts, and we are talking about the province of Pedernales, a town that offers a varied tourism including sun, beach, cultural, gastronomic and ecological tourism.

The beauty that surrounds the coastal area is innumerable, but another attraction of value that we must add is the warmth and simplicity of its people. There, the common denominator is the solidarity, kindness, good treatment and respect that the locals show to their visitors.

Currently, the main economic activity of the province consists of agriculture, coffee production, mining, livestock and fishing, the latter being one of the most important for the people.

This destination is one of the deepest and most exuberant in the country, apart from the fact that it contemplates a wonderful tropical environment. It also has a rich and varied gastronomy. One of the most common dishes for breakfast is the famous tres golpes, mangú accompanied by egg, fried salami and cheese.

Another alternative with a creative twist for lunch is the renowned mofongo mixto, which consists of a ball of plantain mashed with a little garlic, topped and stuffed with fresh seafood and a white sauce.

What else to do

After lunch you can choose to visit one of its famous beaches of fine white sand, unique in the country, such as Bahía de las Águilas, located within the Jaragua National Park, is recognized as one of the most beautiful in the world for its crystal clear turquoise waters and the impressive karst landscape.

Cabo Rojo is another must-see beach that you should not miss during your visit to Pedernales. It is one of the most popular beaches in the region with a capacity to make visitors fall in love with its exquisite views of the coastline.

If you want to go to an equally beautiful beach with similar characteristics to those mentioned above, we have an option for you, Pedernales beach located in the center of town. It is a nice alternative to go for a swim and wait for the spectacle it offers at sunset.

Rosemary Wells

There are 3 pools of crystalline water located on the Barahona-Pedernales road. Two of them will allow you to spend a pleasant, fun and refreshing time. It is an adventure that does not take long to get to know because of its proximity to the town.

El Mulito River

El Mulito River, born on the southern slope of the Sierra de Bahoruco, is a paradisiacal area of dense vegetation, cold and crystalline waters of restless flow that impresses the most indifferent of visitors.
A cicada repeatedly played music during our visit.


Pedernales owes its name to the fact that a large part of its terrain is formed by a type of sharp and cutting stone called Pedernal. This is the seventh province of the country in order of size, its territory occupies 4% of the national territory.


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