Rafael Canó S recommends the best destinations in DR

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the Dominican Republic is the paradise of Punta Cana. But there is more and we tell you about it here.

The Dominican Republic is one of those places that hypnotize upon arrival. Rafael Canó Sacco, an expert in tourism, affirms that this country offers its visitors a lot to explore, being the perfect excuse to come back and discover all its wonders and charm. “It is a destination where beach, adventure, history and culture combine to create a great Caribbean landscape” he points out.

Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the north and the Caribbean Sea to the south, this beautiful tropical paradise has about 1,609 km of coastline, with beaches rated as “paradisiacal worldwide” and a wide range of activities,Mejores Destinos de RD sports, leisure and entertainment options.


One of the most popular tourist destinations in the Dominican Republic is the paradise of Punta Cana. Famous for its fifty kilometers of fine sand, crystal clear waters and luxury hotels, it has become one of the most popular beaches in the world. Although Punta Cana is known as a unique destination, the truth is that it is made up of several beaches, one of the best known being Bávaro Beach, with a wide range of tourist and recreational activities. Nearby are other beautiful beaches such as Juanillo, Macao and Uvero Alto. “Most tourists usually go to Punta Cana for the diversity of beaches and activities, the place is prepared to accommodate many visitors and offer them the best services to enjoy their vacation” Canó Sacco points out.

The capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo, is another destination Rafael Canó Sacco recommends visiting. Recognized as a colonial, historic and architecturally fascinating center. Its colonial center is located on the banks of the Ozama River, with its narrow, centuries-old streets and monuments from key colonial times, such as the first church and the first castle built in the New World. It has a vibrant urban life, many bars, stores and restaurants, and combines the old and the new.

A place that leaves many tourists in awe is Cabo Rojo. Its name is due to the presence of bauxite that gives the roads a dark rust color. It offers excellent views of the coast, as well as crystal clear waters. “These turquoise waters are also home to some of the best-preserved coral reefs in the Caribbean, and is a breeding ground for manatees and turtle shells.” Rafael Canó Sacco states.

The Oviedo Lagoon is the largest lake in the country, it is more than 10 km long and is surrounded by large mangrove forests. Interestingly, it has salt water three times higher than sea level and is home to a great diversity of birds, such as flamingos, parrots and pelicans.

Los Haitises National Park is another of the Dominican Republic’s tourist attractions that every tourist should visit. It is home to mountains, mangroves and caves that make this place a perfect place to live adventures.

“The beaches of the Dominican Republic are one of the great attractions of this country. Every year thousands of tourists come to its coasts and return amazed. In the same way the country invests more and more efforts in offering its visitors the best services” Rafael Canó Sacco points out.

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