Sustainable tourism: Samaná Circuit drives destination

A group of companies in Samaná join their vision and efforts to ensure that the projects developed in this destination have the principles of environmental sustainability, in favor of a more harmonious and balanced use of the natural heritage of this province.

Under the premises they have created Circuito Samaná and its main objective is to link and demonstrate the commitments to sustainability of more than 75 local companies, with a projection of 100 by the middle of this year. It also seeks to encourage the support of tourists who value responsible and sustainable consumption.

The directors and managers of Circuito Samaná Noemí Araújo, president of the Samaná Environmental Forum (FAS); Lisette Gil, tourism specialist of Samaná, and María Cristina Corporán, specialist in sustainable tourism, emphasized that they are not looking for an accelerated and uncontrolled growth of tourism in the destination, but Samaná Turismothat it should be planned in the short, medium and long term and sustained over time.

They emphasized that they are not looking for tourism in the Samaná peninsula to be similar to that of Bávaro, Punta Cana or Puerto Plata, but a Samaná that seeks to take care of the environment so that it is a characteristic that defines the model to follow.

Circuito Samaná is governed by a management manual and its procedures are planned to be supervised by the Samaná Environmental Forum (FAS), which will act as the main manager of this tourist project.

The circuit is a holistic connection

Therefore, Araújo explained that the circuit is a holistic connection. More than a set of tourist sites, it is a holistic connection between the natural attractions, the local community and the visitors.

He also said that it stands out because its local entrepreneurs work in harmony with nature. From restaurants to accommodations, all share a commitment to sustainability and authenticity.

Gil explained that the circuit promotes sustainable practices in all areas, from gastronomy to handicrafts. The use of local ingredients, the responsible management of resources and the preservation of the natural environment are encouraged.

He emphasized that Samaná has an authentic gastronomy, as dishes made with fresh and local ingredients are tasted. The restaurants of the circuit offer a unique culinary experience.

Meanwhile, Corporán indicated that they also bet on handicrafts with history: explore craft markets where artisans create unique pieces that tell stories of the land and traditions, according to Hoy.


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