Abinader delivers 168 homes in Manoguayabo

Abinader delivers 168 homes in ManoguayaboPresident Luis Abinader led the delivery of 168 new low-cost social housing units that are part of the National Housing Plan Familia Feliz and are located in Residencial Lolita I, in Manoguayabo, Santo Domingo Oeste.

This brings to 1,429 the number of families who have already received the keys to their own roof through this plan.

The Minister of the Presidency, Joel Santos Echavarría, said that it was a special day since 79% of the beneficiaries resided in rented houses, with an average payment of DR 7,600, which will now be used to pay for their own home.

The investment of the project is DR 641 million, of which DR 407 million is private capital and more than DR 220 million is provided by the Government in subsidies.

In this regard, he said that 20 women were benefited with the Bono Mujer for more than DR 3.7 million.

From the beneficiaries were heard phrases such as “it is a long awaited dream and thank God, here we are as a family”; “now I am going to start in my own house”; and “we thank our President very much”.

This completes the delivery of the first stage of 264 apartments in this project.

The developer of the project, Louis Bogaert, thanked the Bandex and Banco de Reservas for their support and announced the construction of Lolita II, with 340 new housing units to be delivered in 2024.

Source: presidencia.gov.do

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