Abinader inaugurates two Infotep centers, micro hydroelectric plant, hospital and highway in Santiago Rodríguez

President Luis Abinader toured this Thursday the province of Santiago Rodríguez, where he inaugurated a series of health, road, electricity and training works, starting with two Infotep centers in Monción and Sabaneta; then the Aciagua hydroelectric plant and the extension of electricity grids in communities of Sabaneta.

The President also inaugurated the asphalting of the central road of the Monción hydroelectric plant, the Villa Los Almácigos hospital and new areas of the Northeastern Cattlemen’s Federation.

The head of state also held a Christmas lunch with community members.

Electrical works benefit more than 350 families

The electrical works inaugurated by President Abinader correspond to a micro hydroelectric power plant, a network extension project and a photovoltaic project, which benefit some 350 families in six communities, who said they were very happy and pleased.

In this scenario, the President said that he will continue to support sustainable development projects and that the government has the capacity to contribute one million dollars to this community, so that they can carry out other works that will continue to bring them progress.

During his speech, the Minister of Energy and Mines, Antonio Almonte, highlighted President Abinader’s commitment to rural electrification programs, which guarantee the exercise of fundamental rights and contribute to improving living conditions.

The investment amounts to some DR 84 million

He added that they have the budget for the installation of eight new mini hydroelectric plants in San José de Ocoa, San Juan de la Maguana and Elías Piña, for DR 59.6 million. Also, 60 new rural and suburban electrification initiatives for DR 220.4 million.

This project was supported by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). Inka Mattila, the UNDP representative in the country pointed out that in the DR, 50 micro-electricity projects managed by the communities themselves have been installed, impacting some 5,000 homes with clean energy.

She also highlighted that the statistics of the last 30 years and the number of people reached in this aspect reveal that today the country is the leader in Central America and the Caribbean in the development of isolated electrical systems and hydroelectric plants with renewable energy sources.

Monción Hydroelectric Road

Previously, the head of state inaugurated the road that connects the Monción hydroelectric power plant with the Monción dam reservoir, which is four kilometers long, executed with an investment of more than DR 194 million.

This sum is included in the DR 3,000 million invested in this province in works such as the reconstruction of the roads adjacent to the Monción dam, for 11 km, maintenance of the access road to the Monción hydroelectric power plant bypass, the reconstruction of the Hato de Cana road and the Arroyo Seco road.

This third section of the work was built with funds from the Empresa de Generación Hidroeléctrica Dominicana (Egehid), by order of President Abinader, to connect the communities of Veladero, El Cerro, El Rubio, among others dedicated to livestock and agriculture.

In addition to this important work, the president announced the beginning of the construction of the Monción aqueduct, with an investment of over DR 1.3 billion, a work that was awarded and tendered by Inapa, to begin in January 2024.

Villa Los Almácigos Hospital

Later, the President inaugurated the remodeled Villa Los Almácigos Municipal Hospital, with an enlarged emergency room and high technology equipment, which will impact the health of more than 26,000 people.

The director of Hospitals of the National Health Service (SNS), Yokasta Lara, emphasized that these works ensure access to quality health care in decent facilities and increase the capacity to provide assistance.

The work had an investment of DR 73,897,922.12, and has areas for sonography, vaccination, laboratory, X-rays, operating room, delivery room, dentistry, hospitalization beds, pre-surgical and post-surgical, postpartum, neonatal cribs, sterilization and others.

New Infotep centers

The agenda also included the inauguration of two Infotep training centers in San Ignacio de Sabaneta and El Cacique, in Monción, which will impact the productive force of Santiago Rodríguez.

The general director of Infotep, Rafael Santos Badía, explained that, for both centers, the trainings were selected and prepared according to the needs identified and required by the installed companies, among these, welding, electronics and electricity, bar and restaurant, gastronomy, refrigeration, computer science and organic production.

“All these actions respond to the guidelines and policies of President Abinader, who gives his best efforts and achievements for equal opportunities, so that every Dominican, regardless of the region where he resides, receives the benefit of effective training and education to ensure a better quality of life”.

Likewise, the training center and multipurpose hall of the Federación de Ganaderos del Noreste and the construction of the honey extraction plantation of the Cooperativa Apícola y de Servicios Múltiples Salvador Ferrer, in Fedegano, were inaugurated.

Source: Presidencia.gob.do


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