ETED interconnects new 69 kV Imbert substation in Puerto Plata

The Empresa de Transmisión Eléctrica Dominicana (ETED) informed that it carried out the interconnection of the new 69 kV Imbert substation, whose construction has the purpose of increasing the reliability of the service in the North zone, at the 69 kV level and to create the conditions to interconnect the 69 kV Imbert – Luperón transmission line in the safest possible way, for the benefit of some 50,773 inhabitants.

The general manager of the ETED, engineer Martín Robles Morillo, indicated that, up to now, the Imbert substation works as a switching infrastructure, that is to say, “if there is a problem in a section of the line, the protections of the substation act. The lines associated with this substation can be energized from another substation.”

“We have created the necessary infrastructure to increase the reliability and stability of supply in the Navarrete – Imbert – Luperón – Puerto Plata area, thus reducing the occurrence of failures and ensuring the continuity of supply between Navarrete and Puerto Plata”, explained Robles Morillo.

In this sense, this substation, which seeks to benefit the area of Imbert, Luperón and surrounding areas in the province of Puerto Plata, has three 69 kV line fields of conventional type, fully equipped and one future (unequipped) with a fiber optic communication system; a single 69 kV bar, with measurement and another one at 138 kV.

It also has a space for a future transformation field. It is equipped with control, protection, metering and telecommunications cabinets, with an integrated SCADA system, among other elements required in an electrical substation.

This infrastructure, which will provide stability, quality and greater transportation capacity, required an investment of DR 26,435,672.32 and was built by INSEL.

This project is framed within the objectives and lines of action established in the third axis of Law 1-12 on the National Development Strategy to 2030. ETED’s commitment is with the expansion and transformation of the National Transmission System, to increasingly improve the transmission capacity, reduce losses and increase the quality, safety and continuity of service to all citizens of the country, according to the plans and projects of the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader Corona.


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