Bienes Nacionales delivers to Interior and Police 12,000 tablets downloaded by the JCE

The general director of National Assets and honorary director of the State Sugar Council (CEA), Rafael Burgos Gómez, delivered to the Ministry of Interior and Police 12,000 technological equipment (tablets) downloaded by the Central Electoral Board.

Prior to the ceremony, Burgos Gómez, held a meeting with the Minister of Interior and Police, Jesús Vásquez Martínez and the director general of the National Police, Major General Ramón Antonio Guzmán Peralta, to discuss issues related to the institutions they lead.

Burgos Gómez handed to both officials copies of the report of the Commission for the Liquidation of State Bodies (CLOE), created by President Luis Abinader.

Subsequently, he proceeded to the formal delivery of the first 12,000 tablets out of a total of 16,000 that were downloaded to Bienes Nacionales by the JCE.

In his keynote speech, Burgos Gómez thanked the JCE for the transfer of the equipment, to be assigned to the National Police, via the Ministry of Interior and Police, the subscribing entities of the agreement.

“The most important thing about this delivery of tablets is that with it we are making an exercise of transparency and this equipment will contribute to save lives in the Dominican Republic”, exclaimed the official.

He specified that the signing of the letter of commitment and the donation of the tablets are made in accordance with the policy of government transparency, ethics and the programmatic line promoted by President Luis Abinader.

“But now there is no stealing in this government and things are handled transparently and with honesty,” stressed the official.

The Minister of Interior and Police, Jesús Vásquez Martínez, assured that “with this allocation of the high-tech tablets that are being transferred to the National Police, they will contribute to strengthen the process of transformation that this law enforcement agency is carrying out in its fight against crime”.

He also thanked the support of Bienes Nacionales, stating that this donation is essential to equip the National Police in the midst of the historic process of transformation promoted by President Luis Abinader.

“We assure you that in each of the 117 barracks that the National Police has, they will have from now on tablets, as a technological tool to do better prevention work,” said Vasquez Martinez.

On his side, the general director of the National Police, Major General Ramón Antonio Guzmán Peralta, after thanking for the delivery, indicated that they will facilitate the fight against citizen insecurity because of the data base that the equipment received from Bienes Nacionales possesses.

The activity was also attended by the vice-ministers of Interior and Police, Aníbal Amparo García Díaz and Juan Manuel Rosario, as well as officials of Bienes Nacionales and the State Sugar Council.


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