Ministry of Agriculture announces aid to affected producers

The Minister of Agriculture, Limber Cruz, announced that the Government will come to the aid of producers affected by the atmospheric disturbance last weekend.

“We will provide the Government’s helping hand, we will implement a subsidy plan for affected tasks, at the same time we will extend the terms to those who have loans from the Agricultural Bank and we will carry out a readjustment of debts, and other measures according to the needs”.

In addition, they have all the planting material to replace the damaged plantations, as well as the tractors to plow the land free of charge.

He expressed that there are still places where the waters have not allowed to reach and that immediately they go down, they will present a complete report to President Luis Abinader.

Together with the Vice Minister of Production, Eulalio Ramírez, and local and provincial authorities, Limber Cruz toured areas of the provinces of San Juan, Azua, San José de Ocoa and some communities of Baní, in Peravia.

Good news

He indicated that, despite the damages, there are products that were not so badly affected, such as the case of rice, which, at the time of the disturbance and the rains, more than 90% of the production had been harvested.



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