DR moves forward in battery storage energy projects

With the enthusiastic backing of the private sector, battery storage energy projects are gaining momentum in the DR, marking a significant step towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy future.

During his intervention in a television program, the executive director of the National Energy Commission (CNE), Edward Veras, highlighted that the first solar park with storage is already under construction, in the municipality of Cabrera, and that there are currently 7 projects in the evaluation phase to obtain a definitive concession and another 15 in initial evaluation or provisional concession (which include storage).

This reflects an endorsement of resolutions CNE-AD-0003-2023, and CNE-AD-0004-2023, issued by the CNE in February 2023, declaring the need for large power plants to incorporate storage systems. This measure, according to Veras, will help to optimize the use of solar energy during nighttime hours, thus reducing dependence on more expensive fuels.

He commented that a total of 47 renewable energy projects have been processed through the CNE in the last 3 years, of which 11 have been injected into the SENI.

In line with the vision of President Luis Abinader, Veras highlighted the strategic importance of these projects for the country, not only in environmental but also in economic terms. “As more projects are integrated, costs in the purchase of energy are reduced.”

Another positive point he shared is that the energy sector led the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), during the first 9 months of 2023, according to data from the Central Bank, this due to factors such as the decrease in input costs, the clarity of the national regulatory framework and the effective implementation of the Incentives Law.

At the same time, the official acknowledged some challenges in the development of renewables such as: understanding that storage is a new technology and that the State’s capacity to grant incentives to large-scale projects as well as to small producers, households and industries must be maintained.

To date, around 2,400 requests for incentives have been satisfactorily met, which underscores the interest and participation of various stakeholders in promoting sustainable projects.

Source: Presidencia.gob.do

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