Gloria Reyes takes the Manos Dominicanas handicraft brand to FITUR

Manos Dominicanas, Supérate’s artisan brand, is preparing to participate for the second time in the International Tourism Fair (FITUR) 2024 at the IFEMA trade fair consortium in Madrid, Spain. A delegation headed by Gloria Reyes, general director of the institution, will present the Dominican handicraft offer at the prestigious tourism event, with special emphasis on the sustainability and socioeconomic development of the artisans of the social assistance program.

During the course of the prestigious fair, which will be held from the 24th to the 28th of this month, Manos Dominicanas will present an innovative experience in its pavilion. The space will be equipped with unique pieces that will project the essence of the DR.

The general director of Supérate, highlighted the transcendental importance of this participation, as an exceptional platform to showcase to the world the economic development model that is being implemented in the country, aimed largely at boosting training and entrepreneurship.

“We want to show the world the vision of the economic development policy of the government of President Luis Abinader, with which we promote the training of people so that they can access formal employment and promote sustainable enterprises and take advantage of the enormous opportunities we have as a country,” he said.

He also emphasized that the Manos Dominicanas handicraft brand is ready to establish commercial relations with international companies. “For this reason, Creole handicrafts will be exhibited and there will be a detailed information module on the artisan routes, to invite visitors to explore the crafts from a tourism perspective, as well as to promote the strategic initiatives of the Centros de Superación Gastronómica Supérate (CSGS).”

On this occasion, the exhibition includes the new piece of the new collection of larimar jewelry called “Home”, created by designer Monica Valera and the artisan and discoverer of larimar, Miguel Mendez.

Also on sale will be a wide variety of jewelry made with larimar and amber stones, as well as a wide range of handicrafts made entirely by hand.

Manos Dominicanas works with around 800 items, including clay, bamboo, wood, horn, water lilies, guano, paper strapping, bone, coconut shell, plastic, among many other non-reusable materials that are transformed into beautiful handcrafted pieces such as purses, bags, hats, macutos, necklaces, dolls without faces, pylons, among many other handcrafted works.

The project currently has four stores, the most recent one opened in Plaza Sambil, at the end of last year.


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