President Abinader assures that the Manzanillo project is making steady progress

President Luis Abinader assured this Sunday that the great project of Manzanillo, which will be the engine of the entire region and with its various areas will contribute to the creation of jobs, is advancing steadily.

Abinader said that the government will execute in this province a combination of small and medium projects with which Montecristi will finally develop.

He considered that Montecristi has it all, for being such a diverse province with all kinds of riches such as banana, rice and tourism production.

The president spoke during the signing of an agreement to start the construction works of the Malecon of Juan de Bolaños beach and other infrastructure works for the advancement and economic development of this area.

The agreement was signed by the Minister of Tourism, David Collado; the mayor of Montecristi, Jesús Jerez; the governor of Montecristi, Nelsy Milagros Cruz; the mayor of Pepillo Salcedo, Ignacio Rosa and the representative of the Tourism Cluster of Montecristi, Nerys Altagracia Rosario.

During the ceremony, held at the Public Clock Park, the head of state also explained that through the Banreservas Foundation, the Morro Park is being intervened to turn it into a model park from the point of view of ecotourism and that it will bring great development and visits.

Similarly, the Ministry of Culture will intervene through the Ministry of Culture some houses that have historical value and are in vulnerable conditions. Likewise other works through the Ministry of Public Works.

He said that he is aware of all the situations in Montecristi and reiterated that “Everything we are doing here is with the aim of creating jobs, direct and indirect jobs”.

He expressed his desire that in this agreement, the community and all social sectors work together the government and the city council.

“We are going to make Montecristi what it deserves, a bright spot in the Dominican Republic where Montecristeños do not have to migrate, but come from all over the country to work in this province,” said Abinader.

On his side, the Administrative Minister of the Presidency, José Ignacio Paliza, informed that in view of the request of some 24 million pesos requested by the municipal council, 20% of these resources, which correspond to some 6 million pesos, will be delivered today.

After assuring that the best times for this province are about to come, he handed over the money to the municipal mayor so that he can proceed in accordance with the law with the contracting process of the work.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Tourism, David Collado highlighted the work of the government for the recovery of Tourism and said that this government administration continues to take important steps to continue creating jobs.

He pointed out that these works, which will turn Montecristi into a true tourist pole, include, in addition to the Malecon, the construction of wave breakers on the Costa Verde beach road and the reconditioning of the Clock Park, in the city of San Fernando.

Also, the intervention of the Good Man Beach and the restoration of the San Fernando Temple.

Likewise, the governor of Montecristi, Nelsy Milagros Cruz, emphasized that the signing of the agreement is an important step forward for the future that begins today.

Likewise, the mayor of Montecristi, Jesús Jerez, said that the objective of these actions is to promote the development of this province and he thanked President Abinader for his support to achieve this purpose.

On behalf of the civil society, Robinson Jiménez, from Agua Sin Fronteras, said that this work is a reality that the municipalities have been waiting for a long time and will contribute to the development of tourism.

President Abinader was accompanied by the Minister of Agriculture, Limber Cruz; the executive director of INAPA, Wellington Arnaud and the director of Proindustria, Ulises Rodríguez.

Also, the senator of Montecristi, Ramón Pimentel; the mayors of Villa Vásquez, Jenrry Castro and Pepillo Salcedo, Ignacio Rosa; the deputies Rosendy Polanco and Neris Almonte and Father Lucas Núñez; among other personalities.

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