Abinader returns to the Colonial Zone and guarantees it will be transformed

President Luis Abinader yesterday made a supervisory tour of the renovation and rescue work being carried out by the Ministries of Tourism and Culture, the Mayor’s Office and the tourism cluster in the Colonial Zone.

“We came here to see all the work that is being done, to support the Mayor’s Office of the National District, the Ministries of Tourism and Culture, as well as the cluster of the colonial city, the guides and the tours, because here we are all together to develop tourism in the Dominican Republic,” he said.

The president arrived after 5:00 pm yesterday at Plaza España, where he visited the restaurants of the place, talked with their representatives and had lunch in three of them.

Abinader guaranteed that the colonial infrastructures will be improved every day, but said that from now on the Dominican and foreign population can enjoy its attractions as a family. He asked Dominicans to visit the old city, where there are various attractions, both during the day and at night.

“Here there is culture, culinary richness, museums…. They should come to the colonial zone, they should know all the history, because to know the history of the colonial city is to know the history of the island, both the colonial and republican stages,” he said.

Obligatory visit
“We must transform the Colonial City and make it a must visit for all Dominicans and tourists, to develop tourism in the Dominican Republic,” he said prior to the start of the tour of several of the streets of this historic city.

He described the Colonial City as a familiar place, full of history, museums and culinary richness for which there are many interesting projects that will only improve it, as a heritage of the country and humanity, and for the benefit of all businesses, residents and visitors.

The president toured the streets of the colonial zone on foot, accompanied by the ministers of Tourism, David Collado, and Culture, Carmen Heredia; the mayor, Carolina Mejía and Mónica Infante of the Tourism Cluster, who announced that during the weekends of September, all visitors will be able to enjoy various routes to learn about the history that surrounds its streets.

The walk included El Conde Street until arriving at Colón Park, where plastic artists, caricaturists and musicians, as well as tour guides were waiting for him and greeted him with a great deal of enthusiasm.

The representative of the cluster, Monica Infante, expressed that the visit was also to reactivate all the cultural and musical activities and tourist attractions that the colonial zone has.

“The president has honored us to demonstrate his commitment to economic openness, with the reactivation of tourism, because this city of Santo Domingo continues to be the tourist capital of the Caribbean and the region,” she said.

The President began his tour at the Valiente restaurant on Atarazana Street and walked towards Plaza España from where he greeted citizens who were walking and working in the area.

The president also walked along Las Damas Street, where he was delighted with the musical presentations of the group Los Hijos de Romeo and La Escuelita de Música del Parque Colón.

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