Abinader has signed the extradition of at least 25 Dominicans to the US.

Possessing and distributing drugs, violating state laws, sexually abusing children, lewd and lascivious exhibition of a minor, committing a first degree criminal sexual act or defrauding the United States, are some of the motivations that have led President Luis Abinader to sign several decrees to extradite Dominicans to the United States.

This list includes Juan José de la Cruz Morales, alias “Wandy”, linked to the Falcón network, dedicated to drug trafficking and money laundering. In this case there are six persons requested for extradition.

The other extradited are: Arcenio Feliz Cuevas, Nocl Regalado Arias, Amauris Peña García, Joan Humberto Marcelino, Erquidenio Balbuena Águeda, Joan Morales Nolasco, Rosa Santiago Rodríguez, Ángel E. Colón, José Domínguez, Rafael Ortega Lora, Francis Tabar Cepeda, Yamil Abreu Navarro, Manuel Batista, Ángel Cruz Cabrera, Moisés Polanco González, Francisco Javier Lora Brito, Luis Felipe Carmona, Luis Manuel Genao Rivera, Anyerson de la Cruz Rosari, Alexander Reyes Johnny, Onéximo Méndez Félix, Guadalupe Báez Gómez López la Mákina, José Antonio Camarena Familia and Darío de los Santos Pascal.

To this list of 25 are added the Dominican-Haitian citizen, Amin Latouff, accused of conspiracy to commit a crime against the United States, knowingly and willfully making a materially false, fictitious and fraudulent statement and representation in a matter within the jurisdiction of the Executive Branch of the United States Government.

And Italian and Dominican citizen Virginia Scuderi, who was requested by Italy to serve the sentence handed down on November 3, 2015 by the Court of Appeal of Florence, with the penalty of 8 years, 2 months and 22 days and 80,000.00 euros fine for committing the crimes of acquisition, possession and transportation of narcotic substances of cocaine type.

His extradition was signed by the President on June 14, 2021.

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