Advances made by public institutions in ICT recognized in the DR


With a score of 97.87 points, the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development (MEPYD) won the highest award given by the Government Office of Information and Communication Technologies (OGTIC) in the ninth edition of the Index of the Use of Information and Communication Technologies and Implementation of Electronic Government in the Dominican State, iTICge 2022, in which public institutions are awarded.

The iTICge seeks to systematically evaluate the efforts made and in process, regarding the implementation of ICT and e-Government solutions focused mainly on citizen services, internal efficiency and transparency in public institutions of the Dominican Republic, and each year it evaluates the institutions that apply and have presented evidence of progress in their management, in four transcendental pillars: Use of ICT, e-Government Implementation, Open Government, as well as e-Participation and Development of e-Services.

This year, recognition was also given to other government initiatives that demonstrated the country’s progress in the digitalization of services, such as ProUsuario Digital, of the Superintendency of Banks; the Tourism Intelligence System and the Central Unit for Tourism Procedures (UCTT), of the Ministry of Tourism; the development of DATACOMEX-RD, Fair Prices, Industries RD, Free Trade Zone Data RD, Digital Check and the Creative Directory, of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Mipymes; as well as the Apostille Online service, of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The event also recognized personalities of the national public life, who have contributed to the promotion of the digital transformation throughout the Dominican State.

Pedro Quezada, director general of the OGTIC, in delivering the keynote address, said that iTICge is a fundamental milestone in the digital government program because it shows the progress of the Dominican State, which is now more interconnected, transparent and closer to the citizens, which is the purpose for the year 2030.

Quezada explained that measuring each year the advances in technology in the public sector allows the design of strategies that impact transparency, efficiency and citizen participation, transforming the quality of life of Dominicans.

“This helps us understand what our country image is in terms of technological innovation, progress and opportunities for improvement in the provision of citizen services. But, above all, it increases the productivity and competitiveness of the Dominican Republic,” said the official.

He stressed that the country has shown significant progress in Open Government and e-Participation, with indicators showing a result of 76.01, which indicates a considerable improvement and increase in the performance of this indicator, in relation to last year, which was 66.07.

“With this we demonstrate a real commitment of the governing bodies and institutions in decision making in the face of the citizenry, as well as the strengthening of government transparency” Quezada pointed out.

The official informed that there are currently a total of 340 institutions compared to 277 in the last study, which represents an increase of 22.74 percent with respect to the institutions evaluated the previous year.

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