AILA parking expansion by Aerodom: RD$300M

With an investment of over 300 million pesos, Aeropuertos Dominicanos Siglo XXI (Aerodom), began work on the remodeling and expansion of the vehicle parking areas of the José Francisco Peña Gómez International Airport of the Americas (AILA).

Regarding the work, the concessionaire highlighted that the project consists of the complete renovation of the current vehicle parking areas.

In addition to improvements in the distribution and circulation of automobiles, and the creation of an exclusive parking area for car rental companies and buses.

“A better experience for drivers when using the parking lots is also contemplated. Improving vehicle flows and optimizing the distribution of spaces”.

Increase in the number of spaces

The modification of the areas, on which work has already begun, also entails an increase in the number of spaces in order to solve the existing problem of saturation and accumulation of vehicles.

Parqueo Aeropuerto Nacional De Las AméricasAerodom also explained that the expansion work being carried out includes the modernization of the planters associated with the renovation of the front parking areas of the airport terminal.

“In that order, we are going to reorient the landscaping at the entrance to the airport in accordance with the improvement in the flow of vehicles and to offer a better view to the users of the Las Americas International Airport”, said the concessionaire.

In addition, native plants adapted to the local climate will be used to minimize water consumption and improve the visual appearance and travelers’ experience.

Aerodom detailed that the work will be carried out with an investment of more than 300 million pesos and will be in charge of the contractor company PRODICON, SRL, according to the local press.

It is recalled that during the last Christmas period, the 600 parking spaces available for the public at the AILA were insufficient to meet the demand generated by the exodus of travelers entering and leaving the RD, described by the terminal as the “largest in history”.

The problem forced the company to provide extra spaces free of charge in the green area located in front of the terminal.

The “extraordinary” flow of passengers that took place on New Year’s Eve caused a traffic jam in the passenger pick-up area.


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