Certification for park rangers and ecotourism guides in Pedernales

A group of 144 park rangers and ecotourism guides from Pedernales completed a certification in sustainable tourism, environment and nature interpretation, with which they will have greater opportunities to integrate into the tourism development that is being developed in this province of the southern region.

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, under the endorsement of the Technical Professional Training Institute (Infotep), granted 144 certificates to tourism and environmental professionals, of which:

58 correspond to park rangers and collaborators of this institution.
50 to guides and boat captains
six to artisans
30 to representatives of environmental and community organizations.

In this regard, the president of the Association of Nature Guides of Pedernales (Aguinape), Amaury Feliz, emphasized that, of the group of 50 ecotourism guides trained, at least half were part of the guiding and ecotourism activities generated by the recent arrival of the first cruise ship to the port of Cabo Rojo.

“This is the best thing they have done for us in so many years: to include us in the development of the province of Pedernales; it marks a before and after in our daily lives,” said park ranger Julio Mercedes.

Source: Arecoa.com

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