Cap Cana Foundation carried out a repopulation day of the Bayahibe Rose

In a joint action with the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, the Cap Cana Foundation carried out a massive day of repopulation of 1,000 Bayahibe roses, national flower of the Dominican Republic, which is in danger of extinction.

The planted roses were reproduced in Cap Cana under one of the programs managed by the foundation, and donated by the destination for this reforestation which was carried out in the Guaraguao path of the National Park of Cotubanamá in Bayahibe, natural habitat of this endemic species.

The Cap Cana Foundation recalled that the Bayahibe flower is one of the species it has protected since the beginning of the development of the destination, which it constantly promotes for purposes of repopulation, setting and landscaping of residential areas and conservation of the same, as it is a species found in the red zone.

“Since 2020, we have been working hard on the reproduction of this plant through the Threatened Native Plant Reproduction Program, collecting the seeds of the plants, germinating and caring for them in our nursery until they reach an appropriate size to be transplanted back to their natural habitat, which was what was done during this day,” said Jorge Subero Medina, president of the Foundation and executive president of Cap Cana.

The reforestation was carried out with the objective of increasing the population of this species and the area of Cotubanamá National Park was selected, since it is the closest site to its natural habitat where its protection can be guaranteed because it is a protected area.

Subero reiterated that Cap Cana has a great commitment to sustainability in each and every one of the most relevant and necessary aspects for the city, from the efficient management of services through solid infrastructure to the care of the species of flora and fauna in its natural resources.

More than 130 volunteers from different organizations participated in the day: Cap Cana collaborators, the Cap Cana Owners Association (APROCAP), the Secrets Cap Cana hotel, the Cap Cana Heritage School, the Eco-Community of Bayahibe, the Dana & Ivan Cerny Foundation, Green Garden Corp, the National Botanical Garden and the Ministry of the Environment.


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