VOLAVILLE: renovation of airplanes to turn them into hotels in Miches begins

VOLAVILLE, an innovative aircraft hotel construction project with luxury villas in Miches, El Seibo, is in the process of renovating the 3 dismantled airplanes of the bankrupt Pawa Dominicana airline.

The work to convert the airplanes into hotels is in full swing, since it is estimated that they will be included in the growth of the luxury tourism lodging offer that Miches will experience in the coming years.

This was explained by Sergio Carlo, investor of the project, to arecoa.com, who also said that he is currently working on the mobilization to take the airplanes where the remodeling work will be done to convert them into a hotel and then they will go to Miches.

“The project would be ready by mid to late 2025 and we are trying to get at least one of the planes ready before then, but it is a lot of work inside and we have to prepare the land where they are going,” he added.

He said that the 7Palms project, led by Carlos Bernardo Manzano and Carlos Rafael Manzano, is in the process of redesigning the interior of the planes to turn them into an aircraft that conveys a feeling of home, since “the project has been done in other parts of the world but not on the scale that we will be doing it here. Here, we are going to turn those three airplanes into luxury villas with all the amenities; in other words, exclusive spaces for parties, for sharing with the family, among other amenities”.

Carlo also indicated that the development will be carried out on 3 million square meters, but “we are going to allocate part of it to a condo-hotel and villas that will be located around the airplane”.

Regarding the investment for the acquisition of the airplanes, he explained that initially it was small, since they were acquired in a legal bidding process and they took advantage of the business opportunity that presented itself.

When referring to why Miches for the unusual lodging, he explained that they were motivated by “the important investment of the Dominican State in Miches where they are developing around 7 high luxury hotels with important international names and chains; we found an opportunity to invest right next to where Montaña Redonda is and we are going to develop a commercial plaza, hotel, the buildings and land for sale”.

Source: Arecoa.com

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