Colonial City: San Francisco Ruins to undergo intervention

The Colonial City Revitalization Program contemplates, within its works, the intervention of the San Francisco Ruins to avoid its collapse in case it is impacted by any natural phenomenon.

The objective is to prevent further deterioration of the monument and for this purpose conservation standards will be applied to the type of buildings.

“It consists of the construction of a temporary wooden structure to provide stability and firmness to the monument, using treated wood of high resistance and durability, which will support inside and outside its weakened walls, buttresses and vaults, protecting them from possible collapses that could cause atmospheric and telluric phenomena,” he explained in a press release.

The construction technology will be completed by adding steel plates for the joints of the wooden pieces, plus the application of carbon bars as reinforcements and reinforcements. It will also include conservation work on the walls, joints and roofs to halt the degradation of this building.

Call for Colonial City businesses to participate in the MAP

This work does not contemplate assigning any use to this monument, since it will be the responsibility of Dominican society to determine the future use of this heritage building.

The intervention is the result of an analysis of the Structural Integrity of the Ruins of the San Francisco Monastery, carried out by a team of conservators headed by French expert Laure Marieu, which was delivered in January 2020 to the Dominican Republic, through the Ministries of Tourism and Culture and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

The study shows the vulnerability of this monument to natural disasters, earthquakes and tropical cyclones.

In compliance with the norms of the Colonial City Revitalization Program, since 2021, the community peripheral to the San Francisco Convent and the Historic Center has been consulted and made aware of its state of fragility and the protection works to be carried out, for which two public consultations have been held.

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