Dominican President tours second subway line

He says Metro is a reference piece

The Dominican President Leonel Fernáandez Reyna said yesterday that the Santo Domingo Metro has become the project of reference for other countries in Latin America and the source of pride for Dominicans. He reiterated that next 27 February he will take a ride through several stations of the second line.

The chief executive, speaking after an inspection tour of Line Two’s new transfer station at Kennedy and Maximo Gomez avenues, said he was extremely impressed and perplexed with the work. It’s like being in the developed world.

Leonel Fernández Reyna arrived at the Centro de los Heroes (La Feria) station as 5:50 p.m. accompanied by several officials and took the second car, which made its normal stops with him on board, until the Juan Bosch station, where he got into the conductor’s cabin until Juan Pablo Duarte station, and there toured its three levels, which are already concluded. To have an engineering installation of this quality and conditions is something truly exceptional.

The Dominican President lauded Diandino Peña, the head of the agency in charge of the Metro, and his team for the several years of work to make the Santo Domingo Metro, what he called a point of reference for other Latin America countries.

They’ve come here to the country from Guatemala, Panama, and Colombia to investigate how a work of this category has been done to duplicate it in their respective nations.

Peña meanwhile affirmed that on February 27 Fernandez will take the train at La Feria until the transfer station and from there reach Line Two’s 7th station, at Luperón avenue.

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