DR Hosts telecommunications organizations of the Americas

Starting Monday, the Dominican Republic will host the 42nd Meeting of the Inter-American Telecommunications Commission (Citel) of the Organization of American States (OAS), where its 35 member states will exchange experiences to promote the development of ICTs, generate regulatory frameworks aimed at the welfare of users and ensure optimal levels of competition in the region of the Americas.

The Minister of the Presidency and president of the Digital Transformation Cabinet, Joel Santos; and the president of the Board of Directors of Indotel, Nelson Arroyo, led the opening ceremony of the event which is being held at a hotel in this tourist area in the eastern region of the country. They were joined by the executive secretary of Citel, Oscar León; the director of the Regional Office of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Bruno Ramos, and the Colombian ICT minister and president of COM/CITEL, Sandra Urritia.

In addition, Víctor Martínez, alternate chair of the Permanent Consultative Committee I: Telecommunications/Information and Communication Technologies (PCC.I), and Araceli Auzara, OAS representative in the Dominican Republic.

Also present was Bartolome Pujals, Director of the Innovation Cabinet of the Executive Branch.

In addition, as special guests: the members of the Board of Directors, Priamo Ramirez, Hilda Patricia Polanco, Fausto Rosario, Alexis Cruz and Julissa Cruz, Executive Director.

Also María Celeste Fuenmayor, Citel specialist and directors of the Digital Transformation Cabinet, presidents and representatives of the country’s telecommunications companies.

The president of Indotel, Nelson Arroyo said that the institution is developing actions to improve connectivity to ensure the digital transformation of the Dominican Republic, as has been the vision of the government of Luis Abinader, who has declared of utmost importance the universal access and productive use of ICT.

“This week Indotel launched the international public bidding process to improve connectivity and digital transformation, which will begin in 23 communities in the southern region,” said Arroyo in his inaugural speech at the event.Joel Santos Digital Transformation

He said that “technology continues to advance, it is one of the most evolving things, that is why the government deployed infrastructures to make possible the implementation of 5g, being the Dominican Republic the first in the Caribbean to have them for commercial use.”

He maintained that “the challenge is for us to get the best and the best out of this technology that is now available.”

“This government is committed to technological advancement and closing the digital divide. We will not rest until everyone is connected. Let connectivity reach everyone,” he added.

“We hope that in this event decisions will be made, ideas will be thrown, best practices can be reviewed and we will move forward to achieve the closing of the digital divide in the Dominican Republic and around the world,” he concluded.

Minister Joel Santos said that the commitment of the Head of State in this aspect is inspired in achieving the digital transformation of the Dominican society, and that is why he has created the Digital Transformation Cabinet through Decree No. 71-21, to articulate together with civil society, private sector and academia, a short, medium and long term strategy, to achieve the technological development necessary to raise national competitiveness, improve the standard of living of the population and make the Public Administration increasingly efficient and transparent.

This event brings together the member states of the OAS Inter-American Telecommunication Commission (CITEL) to promote debate, cooperation and regional coordination on issues related to telecommunications/information and communication technologies (ICT) policies, development and standardization, with a view to improving social, economic, cultural and environmental development in the Americas, and contributing to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development.

The meeting will also follow up on the progress of the initiative for the expansion of telecommunications in rural areas and in underserved or underserved areas with the implementation of digital inclusion solutions.

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