DR to issue its first biometric passport in February 2025

The director of the Directorate General of Passports (DGP), Digna Reynoso, informed that by February 2025 they expect to issue the first Dominican electronic travel document, which would cost approximately 20 dollars, with an investment of some 6,000 million pesos.

He indicated that the issuance of the new passbook will represent a total change in the entire infrastructure at the technological and process level.

“We have the challenge of working the electronic passport, we are working at full capacity with the OASIS, they are the ones who carry the process through law 340. So, in the coming months, we will be talking about another level of electronic passport at the international level,” he said.

It is recalled that the issuance of the Dominican Electronic Passport, considered one of the main goals of the Abinader Administration, will provide Dominicans with a travel book with a chip, which will increase the security of the document, while achieving “international recognition” and facilitating the entry of Dominicans to several countries without requiring a “visa”, as explained by the DGP in the document.

At the end of May, the DGP opened the call for tenders to contract the services for the acquisition, installation and maintenance of the new infrastructure that will allow the issuance of electronically readable passports to Dominican citizens.

The Manifestation of Interest document issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Mirex) allowed national and international companies to notify their intention to participate in the process for the issuance of travel documents with biometric data and higher levels of security.


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