El Morro: elevation symbolizing a province

Montecristi, unlike other provinces that have one thing that distinguishes it from the others, has two: one is created by technology and the fashion of humanity, the Park Clock in Duarte Park, and the other is an impressive accident of nature, converted into what is El Morro National Park.

El Morro is a promontory 242 meters above sea level, which for some resembles a camel lying down or a giant turtle walking, but far from these representations, it is one of the most beautiful, impressive and chimerical coastal scenery in Montecristi in the Dominican Republic.

Located in the northwest of the country, El Morro National Park in Montecristi is the most important park in the region extending from the Haitian border to Punta Rucia; its enormous plateau features abundant subtropical dry forest vegetation, and provides a habitat for many endemic species of plants and animals.

In this promontory of 242 meters above sea level called El Morro, and that for some resembles a camel lying down, there is a unique ecosystem in the country. Jorge González.
This park has a diversity of animal species, birds, fish, a dry subtropical forest, and in its surroundings there are extensive areas of mangroves that can be seen up close, on foot or by boat. The area is splendid for scuba diving and aquatic photography.

Although El Morro is an entire national park, mistakenly for many people, El Morro is the small shoe-shaped rise of land in the sea with a blue-green color scheme that degrades and intensifies as the hours of the day go by due to the intensity of the sun.

This part of El Morro, the shoe-shaped key, is a natural coastal monument anchored on the beach that bears its name and stands out for its brown sand and strong waves, it is an icon that represents the entire province.

It is said that this rock is a natural wonder that will be seen differently by each of its visitors depending on their mood, the time, the weather and the sunset, which some say is a subliminal experience.

From the top of the Morro, visitors can enjoy unforgettable panoramic views of the National Park, Cabra Island, the central town of San Fernando de Montecristi, founded by Nicolás de Ovando, and named in honor of King Ferdinand the Catholic.

Remodeled in 2021 by Orlando Jorge Mera then Minister of Environment, with support from the Banco de Reservas, now with a series of works in the area of public use the National Park El Morro de Montecristi, becomes a comfortable, beautiful, safe, ecological and welcoming place to spend a good day or a good time.

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