Glorious Expedition, an Epic Dominican Film

The shooting is planned for the first quarter of 2013

The shooting of the Dominican film “Glorious expedition” is planned for the first quarter of 2013. This film is the first that addresses the issue of June 14, 1959, marking the beginning of the road that leads to the overthrow of Rafael Leonidas Trujillo dictatorship.

Written and directed by Roddy Perez, the story, which claimed six years of research will focus on the last day of the expedition, being told by five survivors: In an ambush by sea and air, 198 guerrillas try to liberate the Dominican Republic of the dictatorship.

Those traveling by sea were killed on the coast, those traveling by air were betrayed by peasants terrorized with the state propaganda.

The few survivors applied the lasts efforts to free their homeland. “Glorious Expedition” is a production of Audiovisual Dominican and Psirco Films, produced by Roddy Perez, Juan Deláncer, Ico Abreu, Nurgul Shayakhmetova . Etzel Baez contributes as a historical advisor, original music by Roy Tavaré and Eugenio Perez, and art directer Sofia Guzman is invited from Colombia.

The film introduces the communicator Ico Abreu, characterizing Enrique Jiménez Moya.

The other central roles belongs to Hector Anibal, who has developed an important career as an actor participating in several musicals, and the Guatemalan Daneri Gudiel, seen in the series “Alice” on HBO. Currently, we seek for other Latin American actors, whose names will be announced in August, together with the first teaser of the film. The Glorious Expedition moc.asoirolgnoicidepxe@ofni

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