Government delivers 990 property titles in the municipality of Consuelo

The Dominican Government, through the Technical Unit for the Titling of State Lands (Utect), delivered this Monday 990 new property titles to the residents of the municipality of Consuelo, in the province of San Pedro de Macorís, during a ceremony headed by the Minister of the Presidency, Joel Santos Echavarría.

This is the third delivery made in this locality, in which 8,627 families have been benefited with their property titles.

The delivery of these property titles, which is developed jointly with the Dominican Agrarian Institute (IAD), covers the sectors of Los Jardines, Libertad, Los Vecinos, Pueblo Nuevo, Hato Mayor, Central, Urbanización Sueño Real, Urbanización Maestro Li, Enriquillo, La Loma, El Quilombo, La Gallera, La Guamita, La Habana, Villa Verde, Guachupita, Las Palmas, Santa Ana, La Mina, La Carretera, Batey Experimental, Puerto Príncipe, El Invi, Los Químicos, Habitacional Consuelo, La Aviación, El Cachipero, Batey Don Juan and Puerto Rico.

When giving the keynote speech, Minister Santos Echavarría indicated that since work began in this municipality in 2022, President Luis Abinader was emphatic in instructing the Technical Unit of Titling to not rest for a second, until the certificates were delivered to all the families of this municipality.

The official expressed that the Government celebrates this achievement, because all those who did not have their property title in this locality now possess it and their properties obtain more value, which guarantees access to formal credit.

“What a great honor and satisfaction it is to be with each one of you here in the municipality of Consuelo, on behalf of President Luis Abinader, who, with great enthusiasm has come on two occasions to deliver property titles to thousands of families who, like you, are now legitimate owners of their houses, lots, plots of land, in which for decades they have lived and have been theirs, but who did not have a title deed that accredited them as legitimate owners,” he said.

Duarte Méndez, executive director of the Technical Executing Unit for the Titling of State Lands, said that from this moment on, these residents are the legal and definitive owners of their homes and plots, and that from this moment on they will begin to notice a change in their lives.

“As usual, we would like to thank the staff of the Real Estate Jurisdiction for the intense work they do together with us in the titling projects, as well as the Dominican Agrarian Institute, in the person of its general director Francisco Guillermo García, for the support and accompaniment in the process, the team of the Technical Executing Unit of Titling of State Land, for the work they do so that we are here today,” he said.

Méndez assured that each title certificate that is delivered is possible thanks to the firm decision of President Luis Abinader that change must focus on improving the lives of all Dominicans, but especially those most in need.

Meanwhile, the Administrative and Financial Deputy Director of the Dominican Agrarian Institute, José Cedeño, pointed out that it was on April 6, 2022 when the IAD and the Technical Executing Unit of Land Titling of the State, launched the definitive titling program in this municipality of Consuelo, as part of the social policy of the Government of Change, aimed at improving the lives of the most vulnerable sectors.

“With these deliveries of definitive titles, which is being developed in more than 20 neighborhoods of Consuelo, the Government of Change is managing to lift thousands of Dominican families out of poverty, which guarantees us a better country,” he said.

Accompanying the minister during the delivery ceremony were the deputy administrative and financial director of the IAD, José Cedeño; the governor of San Pedro de Macorís, Aracelis Villanueva; the director of National Assets and the CEA, Rafael Burgos Gómez; the deputy director of Utect Eastern Region, Rubén Céspedes; the deputy administrative director of the Agricultural Bank, Juan Rosario; of titling of the IAD, Isidro Ramírez and the director of the National Cadastre, Héctor Mirambeaux.


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