Mescyt inaugurates English immersion teaching centers in Paraíso, Barahona

The Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (Mescyt) inaugurated two new teaching centers where English Immersion for Competitiveness 2024 will be taught, in the municipality of Paraíso of this province, with the aim of providing opportunities through a management platform that allows the development of language skills.

During the development of the activity of the English Immersion Program for Competitiveness 2024, in Paraíso, it was announced where the teaching will take place. Among the places assigned are the Centro Tecnológico Comunitario, in the morning and afternoon sessions, and the Liceo Técnico José Pérez, in the evening session.

Representing the head of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology, Dr. Franklin García Fermín, spoke the Vice Minister of Mescyt, Juan Francisco Viloria, who said that this inauguration is due to a policy of the Dominican Government, as part of the National and Multicultural Strategy for Bilingual Education (Spanish-English), focused on turning the Dominican Republic into a bilingual nation.

The official explained that Immersion English is a novel program with an estimated duration of 11 months, whose purpose is to meet the demand for qualified personnel in the areas of tourism, free zones, education, call centers and international business.

“We are aware that before 2030 our country will receive 15 million tourists every year and a large part of them are English-speaking, who will want to share with us in the role of tourist visitors; that is why we must prepare the young population at the highest level,” Viloria emphasized.

For her part, the governor of the province of Barahona, Genara González, highlighted the efforts of the Minister of Higher Education for the substantial increase of the English Immersion program in the Southern region, which will significantly benefit the locals of the area so that with the development of tourism in Pedernales, they will have the necessary knowledge for quality jobs, which will help them to improve their lives, those of their families and, therefore, contribute to the economy of the nation.

Likewise, the director of Foreign Languages, Giseh Cuesta, pointed out that this program has a relevant socioeconomic impact, since the graduates are inserted in the labor market in productive sectors such as free zones, call centers and the tourism industry without chimneys.

“It is recalled that in the 2023 call for Competitiveness Immersion English for Competitiveness a total of 25,835 young people were benefited, an amount that exceeds the 21,871 that were in the budget. However, this year the quota was increased by 3,968 students, which is equivalent to 18.12%,” said Cuesta.

Similarly, the president of the Cooperativa Agropecuaria de Servicios Múltiples del municipio de Paraíso, Maltiano Moreta Matos, expressed his gratitude for the implementation of this English program, which will have a positive impact on the economic and social development of the Enriquillo region as a tourist destination.

Also present were the Director of Operations of Community Technology Centers, Manelix de León; the regional director of Education District 01 of Barahona province, Wanda Farrel; the coordinator of the Academic Department of the English Immersion Program, Zomnia Schott, and community representatives.


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