Migration orders foreigners with temporary and permanent residency cards to apply for identity cards

The General Directorate of Immigration ordered that all foreigners, over 18 years of age, who have been granted temporary residence cards and permanent or definitive residence cards, from RT-2 to RT-9, must apply for an identity card before the Central Electoral Board (JCE), prior to the fulfillment of all legal formalities.

The measure was approved by this agency through a resolution issued on March 15, 2022, signed by its director, Enrique García.

The provision exempts tourists, diplomatic officials and consultants accredited in the country who enter on official mission.

It also orders that the resolution be communicated to the JCE, explaining that it is the body responsible for issuing the identity card, which grants a unique number to each citizen for identification purposes.


The measure is based on Article 45 of the General Immigration Law and Article 15, paragraph II, of the Implementing Regulations, number 631-11.

Law 285-04, general law of Migration, establishes in Article 45 the following: “Foreigners entering the country with a residence visa shall apply to the General Directorate of Migration for Temporary Residence or Permanent Residence, complying with the requirements prescribed in this law and its regulations”.

The paragraph of this article states that “the foreigner shall request before the General Directorate of Immigration an extension of his stay in the country, when the time authorized for his stay is not sufficient to exhaust the process of application for residence”. It adds that such extension may not exceed 30 days, but may be renewed at the discretion of the competent authority, at the reasoned request of the petitioner.

Meanwhile, article 35 of the regulation of application of the migration law indicates that “By express mandate of numeral 2 of article 25 of the Constitution, every foreigner who is in the Dominican Republic and who has been admitted as a permanent resident, is obliged to register in the Book of Foreigners that for such purposes will be opened by the D.G.M., prior to the delivery of the residence whether it is temporary or permanent”.

Paragraph II of this article provides that “All foreigners, at the moment of obtaining their temporary or permanent residence in the country shall be obliged to go to the Central Electoral Board for the purpose of having an Identity Card issued in accordance with the resolutions issued on the matter by the Central Electoral Board”.

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