Minister of Tourism inaugurates pedestrian path in Cabrera

The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, inaugurated this Sunday the Tourist Pedestrian Walkway dedicated to typical music in this municipality, a point of interest and meeting point in the area, which is part of the project for the renovation of public spaces and the promotion of this destination.

The project, built for more than nine million pesos, consists of the intervention of a pedestrian path of approximately 62 linear meters and 592 square meters.

The path is the continuation of the new Cabrera boardwalk, connecting Lorenzo Alvarez Street to Duarte Street.

Minister Collado expressed that small works like this make a difference.

“For us, the most important thing is how our interventions impact the communities and raise the supply and thus we can bring tourism to every corner,” said Collado.

The project includes an access plaza and a connection between the boardwalk and the trail, as well as a lookout point for fishermen in the area.

The same consists of the beautification of public space and was directed by the Executing Committee of Infrastructure of Tourist Zones (CEIZTUR), with a total amount of DR$9,450,000.82.

The work includes landscaping, lighting, equipment and urban art on the new adjoining wall that provides privacy to the residents of the area and at the same time a focal point in the area.

In addition, the adjacent houses were refurbished with exterior painting and the channeling of wastewater from the surrounding communities to a water absorption well.

The intervention included a path created by the Cabrera community in front of the coast, connecting the new boardwalk with Lorenzo Álvarez Street, a space that did not have adequate conditions for circulation and use of the area.

The construction project includes: concrete floors, benches and slabs; sculptures, lighting, trash cans, landscaping: green island and palm tree.


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