Minister of Tourism starts construction of access road to Saladilla beach in Barahona

With the purpose of continuing to strengthen the country’s tourist centers, the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, gave the first kick-off on Thursday to start the reconstruction works of the Riocito-Playa Saladilla access road, at a cost of more than 45 million pesos.

The objective of the project is to adapt a road from the Malecon of Barahona towards the coast, in order to connect the center of the city with Saladilla Beach.

The project also includes the cleaning of the road, the construction of concrete gutters on the sides and three culverts, the laying of asphalt concrete, and road signage (horizontal and vertical).

Delivering the keynote address at the ceremony, Collado said that these works are part of a broad program implemented by the Ministry of Tourism, through the Executing Committee for Infrastructure in Tourist Zones (CEIZTUR), to strengthen the different tourist destinations in the country.

“Today we are here, in Santa Cruz, Barahona, in recent days we were in Bánica, Elías Piña, fulfilling our promise to turn every corner of the country into a desired and diversified tourist destination,” said the official.

He said that works such as those initiated in this locality can make a difference and “even more if they are old claims of the communities”.

“It is good for them to know that we are doing everything to continue strengthening tourism in Barahona and I tell them that the definitive take-off of this destination, of the Pearl of the South, is just around the corner,” said Minister Collado.

The Minister of Tourism was accompanied by the main municipal and provincial authorities, including the senator of the province, José del Castillo Saviñón; the mayor of the head municipality of Barahona, Víctor Fernández; Brigadier General Minoru Matsunaga, director of the Tourism Police (POLITUR) and the vice-minister of Destination Management, Patricia Mejía, among others.

The plan for the execution of this project includes the rehabilitation of the two-lane road that connects Saladilla Beach with Barahona, in a length of 2.02 km, and a slope to form longitudinal drainage.

In addition, the construction of a transversal drainage at the 3 points where the waters of the ravines run, with 30″ and 48″ culverts.

The project, designed and planned by the Comité Ejecutor de Infraestructuras en Zonas Turísticas (CEIZTUR) of Mitur, will cost RD$45,588,950.87.

About the beach

Saladilla Beach has a natural barrier reef, which makes it a space of calm waters and shallow depth.

Its proximity to the center of the city makes it a tourist spot to be rescued and cared for, as it is a point of great tourist confluence in the area.

This beach has a spectacular view of the Loma del Curro and the Punta de la Sierra Martin Garcia; complementing this a beautiful natural scenery. One of the greatest riches of the area, with a potential for tourism and ecotourism development of the entire region.


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