Minister Paliza takes contributions to San José de Ocoa and Azua provinces

Following up on the Government’s actions in favor of the families affected last weekend by the tropical storm, the Administrative Minister of the Presidency, José Ignacio Paliza, held a meeting this Tuesday with authorities, community and religious leaders of the provinces of San José de Ocoa and Azua, to coordinate the delivery of contributions.

Paliza delivered several wooden patanas, zinc, thousands of food rations and mattresses, as well as mobile kitchens, to accompany all those affected in the municipality of Sabana Larga and the municipal district of Palmar de Ocoa.

The mayor’s office of Sabana Larga was the space used for the first work meeting, authorities reported that about 100 homes were affected by flooding, the Escondido bridge was damaged by the landslide and highlighted that in the Rancho Arriba Valley the agricultural sector lost 80% of the planting of bugalú tomatoes, cubanela peppers and other crops.

“We have received instructions from our president that no one should be left without a helping hand from the government,” said Paliza.

The official then went to Palmar de Ocoa, where he received information about the damages caused by the rains in the communities of Hato Nuevo, El Rosario, Orégano Grande, Los Parceleros, La Bombita, La Cañada del Concón.

Minister Paliza was accompanied by the governors Josefa Oliva Castillo de Peralta (San José de Ocoa); Grey Pérez Díaz (Azua); the director of Customs, Eduardo Sanz Lovatón; the director of the Social Plan, Yadira Henríquez; the director of Special Programs (Propeep), Roberto Ángel Salcedo; director of Inespre, Iván Hernández; the mayors, Milton Radhamés Brea Martínez (Sabana Larga); José de Jesús Tejada (Palmar de Ocoa); Aneudy Ortiz (San José de Ocoa), among other authorities.


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