Edeeste will illuminate all the sports centers in the municipality of Guerra

As part of the National Lighting Plan developed by the Government of President Luis Abinader, the Empresa Distribuidora de Electricidad del Este (Edeeste) will place new LED lamps in all the sports fields of the municipality of San Antonio de Guerra, in this province.

This was announced by the general manager of the company, engineer Manuel Mejía Naut, while talking to residents of that locality, who came to the Guerra Community Technology Center to participate in the “Edeeste with the Community” day. This is an initiative through which the Distributor moves its commercial offices to specific points, to attend in a personalized way to the service needs presented by the residents of different parts of its concession area.

The day covers Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 of this month, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., in an attempt to capture and manage in the shortest possible time the concerns and complaints presented by the contractors of the electric supply in Guerra.

In this scenario, the official referred to the company’s plans to include this community in the “Illuminating the Country” program, in favor of public safety and for the benefit of its inhabitants.

“You are going to have a lighted environment with the national lighting project”, he said, after asking the presidents of the neighborhood councils to collaborate with the company and make a survey of the critical and specific points of their area that need an intervention in that sense.

“The idea is that with this plan we can provide lamps to as much territory as possible in Guerra, it is a commitment that I want to make with you”, declared the engineer.

He also promised that Edeeste will guarantee stability in the supply of energy to the Municipal Hospital of Guerra, a need that was presented by the locals.

Mejía Naut added that they are working in relation to the breakdowns and overloaded transformers in the locality, while clarifying that the interruptions produced in the municipality during the weekend downpours were due to requests they received because of floods, and not because of failures in the supply, since the lines there are brand new.

“The Government has invested close to three million dollars in this project; you have 91 kilometers of completely new network, between medium and low voltage; 1,200 lights have been installed here and you must be watchers and supervisors, observe if they are turned off and report it to know why, since the project has guarantees on those lamps. In addition, about 200 transformers have been installed here,” he said.

“You have a distribution system that does not exist in any other area of the company; therefore, this means that the quality of the electric service you have must be very good. If we have any problems, it is because we are still dismantling the networks and this is causing these outages”, the engineer pointed out.

Regarding the day started this Tuesday and the complaints of high billing expressed by the customers, he said that “the idea is that you feel that we have attended to you and that you are well informed about the problem you have, so that we can correct some anomalies that we have, for example”. “But also, if the problem is yours, because of your consumption habit, you may have to make some kind of adjustment,” he said. “In any of the cases, the idea is that you are satisfied with the treatment we offer you, that you leave here with a really positive response for you,” the official emphasized.

“We don’t want to have disgruntled clients. We want happy customers, who believe in the company and defend it. We must reach that stage with the actions we demonstrate to you. We are at your service, you are the most important,” said Mejía Naut, finally.

Romelia Santana García, president of the Junta de Vecinos La Cancha, thanked Edeeste “for the excellent planning they have done in Guerra for all its residents”.

Likewise, municipal mayor Francisco Rojas (Cesar) declared, “What the general manager promised us is being fulfilled.” “Do not let yourselves be confused, we have a town, thanks to God, completely illuminated, sanitized and organized. Here are the authorities to give you an answer, here is Edeeste”, he added.

The activity also included the participation of councilwoman Leida Lina Hernández, president of the Chapter House of San Antonio de Guerra, and neighborhood leader Marinelly Mieses, among others.

The operational team present included the engineers José Severino, manager of Social Management of Edeeste; Franklin Minyety, commercial director; Franklyn Rodríguez, director of Energy Loss Management, and other collaborators.

The execution corresponds to the commitment of the administration headed by Mejía Naut, to respond to the claims and concerns channeled to the organization, through the active listening of community leaders.

Source: presidencia.gov.do

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