Ministry of Tourism launches second version of its Citizen Commitment Charter

The Ministry of Tourism (MITUR) launched the second version of its Citizen Commitment Charter, where it reaffirms the duties of this institution with the Dominican population and with foreigners visiting the country.

“The Ministry of Tourism is committed to respect our users and not to discriminate for reasons of ethnicity, age, religion, social status, politics, sex, physical or economic limitations. Our physical facilities have properly marked parking lots for users with disabilities, pregnant women and the elderly. In addition, we have ramps, elevator and, likewise, our web page has an accessibility menu”, states the MITUR’s Letter of Commitment, which was presented in a joint act with the Ministry of Public Administration (MAP) and its head, Darío Castillo Lugo.

There, Castillo Lugo highlighted the importance of the Ministry of Tourism having implemented the Charter of Commitment, since in addition to serving the Dominican population, it represents the Dominican Government before tourists from other countries.

“This is a demonstration of vocation, respect, efficiency and transparency towards the citizen, who is the one who demands, demands and benefits from the services offered by the public administration, through each of its institutions and more so in the case of Tourism, which is a fundamental sector for the country’s economy,” said the head of the MAP, who invited the Ministry of Tourism to participate in the National Award for Quality in the Dominican Public Sector.

Among the services committed by the MITUR are the issuance of a new license for travel agencies, reservations and tickets; the resolution on the exoneration of material listings of new tourism projects; obtaining the official certification of Confotur projects; the issuance of tourist service provider identifications (Carnet Tucard) and the renewal of those already in force; as well as the certification of No Objection to Land Use.

In addition, users of MITUR services must comply with current national legislation and with all the requirements established by the institution; provide the documentation requested and be responsible for its veracity; respect the deadlines established for the different requests and procedures; treat the personnel providing the service with respect; cooperate with the order and cleanliness of the organization’s establishments, and report any dissatisfaction with the service received.

The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, pointed out that the implementation of this regulation is of utmost importance for this purpose, while emphasizing that they are already applying a series of measures that have helped with the reduction of time in the procedures carried out by this institution.

The Letter of Commitment indicates that in cases of non-compliance with the commitments declared and assumed by the Ministry of Tourism (MITUR), the Maximum Executive Authority (MAE) will issue a letter informing the citizens the reason for the non-compliance and the measures adopted for the correction, in a term no longer than fifteen (15) working days.

It is recalled that the Citizen Commitment Letter program is a strategy developed by the Ministry of Public Administration (MAP), with the objective of improving the quality of services provided to citizens, guaranteeing transparency in management and strengthening trust between citizens and the State.

Minister Castillo Lugo’s work is highlighted

At the time of speaking, Collado asked those present at the activity to give a standing ovation to Darío Castillo Lugo, Minister of Public Administration, in recognition of his work and dedication to the public sector of the Dominican Republic and his efforts to improve the quality of the institutions of the State.



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