Mitur to invest RD$100 million to enable access to ecotourism zones

In addition to sun and beach tourism, the Dominican Republic is betting on the diversification of this sector with emphasis on promoting ecotourism, and for this purpose the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur) has a fund of 100 million pesos to enable access roads to ecotourism areas, and thus provide a quality service to both local and foreign tourists.

“The purpose is to promote the ecotourism provinces with the support of the tourist boards and clusters. The Government’s interest is to make the country more competitive against other destinations by adding security levels in each destination and for this purpose, beaches such as Guayacanes and Macao have been recovered, which will have high-tech surveillance equipment”, highlighted the Minister of Tourism, David Collado.

“All these beaches will be as if they were hotels and resorts so that we really have a sun and beach tourism,” he said.

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