Pedernales: fair held to select interior finish of first hotel

The Pro-Pedernales Trust successfully held the “Competitive Interior Finishes Fair”, with the purpose of promoting an open and competitive process to learn about and identify possible alternatives for finishes and materials that are similar to the design proposal for the first hotel to be built in the Cabo Rojo Tourism Development Project.

The fair, which was attended by 19 companies, had the purpose of providing contractors and suppliers of finishing materials with the opportunity to present their proposals to be possible suppliers for the works in progress, in compliance with the necessary requirements and technical specifications.

The executive director of the General Directorate of Public-Private Partnerships (DGAPP), Sigmund Freund, acting on behalf of the Trust, stated that this is the first fair of this nature to be held in the country for a public project and emphasized that its objective is to have first hand all that local and international suppliers can offer in order to successfully complete the works being executed in Cabo Rojo at a good cost.

“The most important thing today is not only the participation of local suppliers, but also the transparency with which we are carrying out these processes. We are making purchases with open, competitive processes, with the best proposals, the best offers, the best quality and the best prices, with the purpose of protecting the state resources that we are using for this project,” he said.

He said that with actions like these “we continue to show that the Government of President Luis Abinader is focused on transparency and the proper use of public resources for the benefit of all Dominicans”.

The “Competitive Interior Finishing Fair” for the construction of the first hotel in Cabo Rojo, Pedernales, was attended by an evaluation committee, made up of technical specialists from the hotel brand, the architectural firm, private supervision, the executing contractor consortium and the board of directors of the Pro-Pedernales Trust.

The committee assumed the responsibility of knowing and evaluating the ideal finishes, taking into account technical criteria, design, quality, delivery times and guarantees offered, identifying more than 40 proposals as possible alternatives for finishes and materials to be considered in the development of the works.


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