Puratos Group solidifies operations in the Dominican Republic

The Puratos Group, after more than three decades of presence in the Dominican market, strengthens through its operational independence with the objective of directly supporting its customers with customized solutions and with the clear intention of revolutionizing the industry through innovation and development.

As a family-owned company, since its inception, its vision has been to simplify the lives of bakers and confectioners, and today, more than 100 years later, it is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ingredients for the industry.

Its market expansion strategy covers three key countries in the Region: the Dominican Republic, Colombia and Ecuador, and seeks to strengthen ties with consumers, localize production and concepts, and use local raw materials and talent.

“The challenge for the next five years is to sustainably consolidate our position as the ideal innovation partner. We want to provide customized solutions that facilitate the production processes of our bakers, artisans and confectioners, thus obtaining delicious, healthy products and generating memorable experiences for customers and consumers, all framed in a sustainable practice and designed for the future,” said Manuel García, general manager in the Dominican Republic.

The company has been producing, distributing and marketing a wide variety of inputs for the industry for a century. However, more than a supplier of inputs, Puratos is an expert partner in the development of solutions. With a wide range of technologies aligned to market consumption trends, Puratos advises its customers to make their most ambitious projects a reality, reaching an evolution together with them. “Every day we ask ourselves many questions: What are consumers demanding? How do we create healthier but delicious products? How can we help our customers improve their processes? That is the key,” added the General Manager.

Product innovation is part of the company’s DNA; the group invests 3% of all global sales in research and development, which has allowed it to accumulate unprecedentedly solid knowledge and experience.

One of Puratos’ biggest differentials in the industry is a unique co-creation space called the Innovation Center. This is a place dedicated to experimentation and is where the magic happens for all types of customers: from bakers and confectioners, to large industry, supermarkets, foodservice and horeca.

“The Dominican Republic center, located in Punta Cana, has state-of-the-art technology, operated by a team of experts who lead activities in a creative and experiential environment, seeking to take innovation to another level. These centers exist in 77 countries around the world,” said García.

Through innovation and sustainable vision we are reinventing culture and food production around the world, we can affirm that generating a positive impact on society has always been at the core of our operation. That is why our renewed purpose: ‘Food Innovation for Good’ translates into health and wellness through innovative food solutions for the world, setting us on the path to a promising future.

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