Single Window for Investments in Dominican Republic

To speed up processes for permits, licenses, and certifications

The government officially launched the system of a Single Window for Investments (VUI) for the Dominican Republic with which it pretends to give incentives for investments by speeding up the bureaucratic processes for the request of permits, licenses, and certifications.

Decree Number 626-12, by which the system was created was read yesterday during an act headed by President Danilo Medina, and in which several officials of the government and businessmen took part. By means of the disposition, the promotion of investments, the increase in the flow of investments and the improvement of the business climate in the country are declared to be in the national interest.

In the first stage, the VUI system will function in the installations of the Center for Exports and Investments in the Dominican Republic (CEI-RD) with telephone and personal assistance, and in the second stage, which will go into operation within a year it should be working as a virtual window on the Internet.

The CEI-RD director, Jean Alain Rodriguez, said that with the initiative they are fulfilling a campaign promise by President Medina and he said that the government could fulfill its goal of creating more than 400,000 jobs. The new tool does not substitute the traditional processes for investment projects.

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